Montecito Grove is organized so that anyone that is new to the area can drop their suitcase and settle in. You will not need anything besides your personal affects. Let me know if you have any special needs that can be accommodated before your arrival.

The cottages were built sometime between 1930 and 1945. They have all been thoroughly renovated in the past four years to bring them up to date with all modern conveniences and codes. We have added a considerable amount of architectural detail to give them an Adirondack look (rustic charm a la Pottery Barn or LL Bean)....something you would expect to see at Lake Tahoe or in the North Eastern part of the US next to a tree-lined lake.

Tara and I live adjacent to Montecito Grove on a 3/4 acre property. The neighbors also have large lots so, the general feeling for the area seems much more rural than it is in fact. These are high priced properties similar in range to what you will expect in FountainGrove...but, with a very different feeling. The City of Santa Rosa recently designated Montecito Avenue a scenic roadway which will preserve the low density and forests for decades to come.

We will do all we can to make your adjustment to Santa Rosa as easy as possible. Turmoil and upheaval is rarely a pleasant experience. Know that Tara and I are ready to help with the difficult adjustment process and have some ideas for areas of the city you might like best

  Cheers, Geza Kadar  
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